Feel the energy and excitement of the Chidon National Finals in the following video made at the 2018 National Finals!

What are past Chidon participants saying about their experiences?

“Chidon is the window to Torah that I was never quite able to open on my own.”  –Miriam Waghalter, YULA

“Reading and rereading the material for Chidon led me to notice patterns and similarities in language that made studying more interesting each time I reviewed. Having noticed these similarities myself, I could make my own interpretations of them.”  -Benjamin Kepecs, SAR

“Overall, this years Chidon HaTanach was a great experience for these girls because it strengthened their ability to learn Torah independently and to love the Tanach.  The girls are looking forward to doing Chidon again next year.”  –Amira Felsenthal, YULA
“I’m so thankful to have this opportunity to study Tanach and be motivated to cover many of the books I have never been exposed to.”  –Yael Goldschlag, Montgomery Blair High School (Maryland)
“I never matched my sister’s placement in New York, and never followed in my brother’s footsteps in Jerusalem, but the competition itself—writing up practice tests on my sister’s manual typewriter, reading Tanakh in my allergist’s waiting room, arguing over tiny details in my parents’ basement during weekly study sessions—was rewarding nonetheless.” -Tablet Magazine editor Wayne Hoffman

What are their parents saying?

“As a parent observing my 4 sons participation in Chidon HaTanach for the past 9 years… all of my boys have a true love of Tanach, that I am confident will last thru out their lives, and I fully credit the Chidon HaTanach for being the catalyst.”  –Mark Nadel, Southfield, MI (father of Dovi, Yoni, Cobi, and Yossi)

“From the moment I walked in to the Jerusalem Theatre on Yom Ha’Atzmaut morning, I was overwhelmed by the significance and meaning of the Bible Contest. Waiting on line before they opened the doors, we met parents of contestants from all over the world. We were all Jews, secular and religious,Reform, Conservative, and Orthodox, who have children who cherish the sacred texts of our tradition and who spent the last year deeply steeped in engaging with those texts.”  -Bluma Finklestein, Memphis, TN (mother of Asher)

“One of the most exciting days of my life was sitting in the Jerusalem Theater on Yom Ha’Atzmaut and watching Elisheva participate in the Chidon.  The camp experience was life-changing for her and the amount of Tanakh that she acquired is a true gift.”  -Marsha Friedman, Passaic, NJ (mother of Elisheva)

Want to read more? Check out the complete letters and articles from which these quotes were taken:

  • 2014 Hebrew HS Champion Benjamin Kepecs shares his path to becoming the Hebrew High School national champion a blog post for G-dcast
  • Amira Felsenthal reflects on the Chidon experience at YULA for Girls, whose team won the inaugural School Video Contest in 2014.  Her piece originally appeared in the LA Jewish Home
  • Bluma Finklestein of Memphis, TN, reflects on her trip to Israel to watch her son, Asher, participate in the International Chidon.
  • Yael Goldschlag of Silver Spring, MD, 2013 English HS Champion, reflects on her experience studying for the US Chidon.
  • Tablet Magazine managing editor Wayne Hoffman recalls his experience growing up in a Chidon family
  • 2013 English MS Champion Lincoln Bernhard and his mother offer testimonials that detail their positive experience studying for the Chidon via online tutoring with Rabbi Meir Smith
  • (VIDEO) 2013 3rd Place Hebrew MS Champion Miriam Waghalter of LA addresses her school’s Trustee Dinner about the significance of Chidon in her life.
  • Letters from two parents at the end of the 2014 Chidon year.

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