Online Tutoring

Do you or your child live somewhere where there is no local Chidon program?  Do you think that your child would benefit from additional studying for the Chidon even if his/her school has a Chidon program? The following are two excellent tutors who can arrange tutoring with you child.

Rabbi Dvir Dimri – Rabbi Dvir Dimri hails from Israel.  During his years as the Chidon teacher at Hillel Torah Day School in Skokie, IL he ran one of the largest US Chidon clubs in the country.  Rabbi Dimri is eager to share his experience as a Chidon coach with students from all over the country. Feel free to Email Rabbi Dimri  directly for more info.

Elisheva Friedman was a finalist in the 2014 International Chidon HaTanakh in Israel. The Chidon gave her a love of Tanakh that she hopes to share with others. She is now studying Judaic Studies in Touro college. She has experience helping participants who have gone on to the finals in Israel, and she gives group sessions and helps individual students over the phone. She is available to give sessions over Skype or the phone. Please email me at and I would be happy to put you in contact.



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