Online Tutoring

Do you or your child live somewhere where there is no local Chidon program?  Do you think that your child would benefit from additional studying for the Chidon even if his/her school has a Chidon program?   Starting with this year’s Chidon, we are pleased to offer online tutoring.  Both of our tutors are veteran educators with experience preparing students for the Chidon Ha-Tanach.

English Division – Rabbi Meir Smith of Minneapolis, MN, is an experienced Judaic Studies tutor.  In 2011-13, Rabbi Smith successfully coached Lincoln Bernhard of Minneapolis to 3rd Place and then to the national title.  in 2013-14, he continued to teach Lincoln over Skype for the International Chidon after Lincoln relocated.  Rabbi Smith is looking forward to using the same technology to prepare more kids from throughout the US for the Chidon. Email Rabbi Smith

Hebrew Division – Rabbi Dvir Dimri hails from Israel. He is entering his third year as the Chidon teacher at Hillel Torah Day School in Skokie, IL, which has one of the largest US Chidon clubs. During that time, he has utilized his tech skills to create a Chidon study website for his students.  Rabbi Dimri is eager to share his experience as a Chidon coach with students from all over the country. Email Rabbi Dimri

Unsure if online tutoring is right for you? Both tutors offer one free tutoring session, so you can try an online session without any commitment.

 Lincoln offered this brief quote about his experience studying with Rabbi Smith via Skype:

“Studying with Rabbi Smith really helped me to understand Tanach better. He made the texts more interesting, with his explanations. Even though the Chidon is done, I have made plans to continue my studies using Skype.  I am looking forward to studying the Chumash and Rashi, from South Dakota, with Rabbi Smith this year.”

Lincoln and his mother also offered longer testimonials that detail their positive experience with Rabbi Smith



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