Sample Exams

Exams appear “as is” without being edited from their original forms. Answer keys are not provided. NOTE: Not all National Finals Exams are made public. The 2009, 2016, 2019 have been designated as the sample for public viewing.

2020 National Finals 

2020 Unique National Champions Round Exams (the following is the Hebrew exam from the unique added round to the USA Chidon Ha’Tanach in 2020 due to Corona)

2019 National Exams

2019 Regional Exams

2016 National Exams (Vayikra, Bemidbar, Shemuel Bet, Ezra, Nechemiah, Yeshayahu)


In addition, the following links can be helpful for testing yourself on Tanach, although they were not designed specifically for the American Chidon.
1) Questions in several languages from the 5772 INTERNATIONAL Chidon in Jerusalem
2) Old exams from the ISRAELI National Chidon
3) Additional Archive of old exams from the ISRAELI National Chidon
4) A sample Chidon on Torah and Early Prophets (נביאים ראשונים) from the organizers of the International Chidon for Adults (sample exam grades itself)
5) Video of the 5773 International Chidon for Youth
6) Old Hebrew Chidonim from the Israeli Youth Movement Ariel
7) Old Israeli Bagrut Exams in Tanakh

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