About the Contest

The National Bible Contest (Chidon HaTanach) is sponsored by the Jewish Agency for American Jewish youth in grades 6-11.

For a PDF containing complete information for the Chidon, download

Cover Letter Chidon 2019

The following is a brief run through of the competition.
•    The contest tests students on the details of stories in several Biblical books.  For a list of the books that we will be studying this year, see our syllabus.
•    Day School students (of all denominations) take exams in Hebrew, with separate exams for junior high students and high school students (through grade 11).  Students in grades 6-11 who attend Supplementary Schools or have no formal Jewish education prepare with the NJPS translation and take an exam in English for grades 6-11. Community Day School and other non-denominational Jewish Day Schools can request special permission to participate in the English exams, depending on the nature of Judaic Studies at their school.
•    The Jewish Agency sends preliminary exams to schools during the school year (from December to March).  On the basis of those preliminary exams, we invite high scorers to the national finals in New York in May. Four champions from the contest in New York win the opportunity to represent the USA in the subsequent year’s International Contest in Jerusalem, which is nationally televised in Israel on Yom Haatzmaut (Israeli Independence Day).
•    Last year, approximately 500 students took the preliminary exams.  Of these, approximately 200 students traveled to New York to participate in the national finals.

For more information, be in contact with Dovi Nadel at Dovin@jafi.org


4 Responses to About the Contest

  1. Eli says:

    I’m in the seattle region how many points do I need to get to go to New York

  2. Sima Ancselovics says:

    When can I register for the Chidon? I’m an adult. I live in New York .

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