Registration for Chidon HaTanach 2020 is Live!

The registration form for the USA Chidon HaTanach 2020 is now live!

Every school/club/private registrant must register (even if you’ve participated in the past) on the following registration link in order to receive important Chidon communications over the course of the summer and beyond. The new link to register is

Please check out coming year’s syllabus for a list of this year’s material as well as the schedule for dates of next year’s regional exams and national finals.

In just four years we’ve doubled the numbers of participants in the Chidon, and we keep growing! Stay tuned for exciting updates over the course of the summer and beyond.

For even more frequent Chidon updates check out our new Facebook page HERE

If you’re registering, please remember to submit the accompanying payment via PayPal. As always, please feel free be in touch with comments, suggestions, and questions. I look forward to collaborating with each of you on another impactful year of the Chidon Ha’tanach.

-Rabbi Dovi Nadel

Coordinator of National Bible Contest – Rabbi Dovi Nadel

Jewish Agency 633 Avenue; 21st Floor New York, NY 10017


Chidon USA Facebook Page


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