Important Information About Upcoming National Finals!

April 28, 2019

The following important email was sent out to coaches and teachers around the country. Please see below for important information regarding the upcoming National Finals!

Chidon National Finalists, 

I hope your studies are progressing well!  You should be proud of yourselves for what you have learned, and for earning the title of Chidon National Finalist. I look forward to seeing you, our 250 Chidon National Finalists from around the entire country, assembled in one room in just one week! I would like to share a few important points with you in advance of the National Chidon Finals at Yeshiva University on Sunday, May 5th

The Competition

1) Registration is from 8:50 A.M to 9:20 AM Please be prompt. Registration and opening ceremony will take place at Lamport Auditorium (For precise starting location see here.The entrance is on Amsterdam street between 186th and 187th)

2) At 9:20, we will begin the opening assembly and registration will end. At the opening ceremony we will welcome contestants from around the country.  Contestants will be sent to the exam rooms at 9:35. The written contest will take place from roughly 9:45 AM to 12:30 PM. There will be two parts to the exam, with a short break in between them. Only actual contestants are allowed in the classroom area where the exams take place. Please see attached schedule for details.

3)  From 12:30- 1:30 after the written exams, contestants can pick up a free pizza lunch. There will also be a Chidon Carnival and Chavruta Learning. All of this will take in Weissberg Commons.  There will be trivia games set up around the room for contestants to showcase their knowledge and win raffle tickets for prizes. Chavruta learning will be a chance for contestants  to learn Torah with fellow Chidoners from around the county (age and gender will be taken into account when pairing chavrutot). Parents and non-contestants are welcome to join during this part of the day’s events.

4)  The closing assembly will begin back in Lamport auditorium at approximately 2:00 PM. Parents, family, and friends are encouraged to attend.  At the closing ceremony, we will conduct the final round of the Chidon for the highest scorers from the morning’s written tests in each of the divisions. Chidon finalists who are not called up to the front for this final round will be able to text their answers in to video questions for a chance to win prizes as well. Be sure to bring a cellphone if you’d like to participate. The ceremony will conclude at the latest by 3:30 PM with the announcement of winners and the singing of HaTikvah. Please note that every national finalist will receive a commemorative Tanach and an individualized certificates of accomplishment by the conclusion of the ceremony.  

Other Important Info

5)   Bring Pencils and Snacks: Please be sure to bring a #2 pencil, because the exam will require you to fill out a scantron form. In addition to bringing pencils, students are allowed to bring snacks with them into the testing area. Please bring a sweatshirt or coat as well as contestants will have to walk outside between the day’s events.

6)   Parking: Parking can be sometimes be difficult in Manhattan. There is a relatively decently priced ICON parking lot located on 183rd and Amsterdam. See here for exact location. Make sure to leave some time to get situated. If you would like to take public transportation, the 1 train and A train both stop within ten minutes of YU.

7)   Minian: There are plenty of Minianim located around Yeshiva University. Please check out for more detail. Please make sure to arrive on time!

8)   Parents, Teachers and Non-participants – What to do during exam: While students are taking the written exams, we are thrilled to let you know that Yeshiva University will be hosting a Yom Iyyun in Tanach featuring world renowned Tanach scholars: Rabbi Jeremy Wieder, Rabbi David Forhman, Rabbanit Shani Taragin, Rabbi Shalom Carmy, Dr. Yael Leibowitz, and Dr. Smadar Rosensweig. Check out the attached brochure. All are encouraged to participate. Koren press will also be set up selling their newest books. See here: YomIyyunBeTanach

9)   Food: There will be pizza and drinks provided for contestants after the written exams. We cannot provide free lunch for family members, or other non-contestants. However, there are several kosher establishments located nearby YU.

10) Shabbat: If you are still in need of a place to stay next Shabbat, please email me directly with details of who/how many people you need a place for. There are many people from around the tri-state area who have generously offered to host fellow “Chidoners.”

11)Luggage: For those who need, there will be space to store luggage in Lamport Audiorium. We will have a place clearly marked off.

12)Navigation: The day’s events will be spread within a couple blocks around YU campus. There will be signs and volunteers around campus to help navigate the area. Please make sure that you go to Lamport Auditorium to start the day!

12) Tanach Tour on Friday: I’d like to remind you that Nachliel Selavan will be giving one of his amazing Tanach Tours at the MET on Friday, May 3rd. There is limited availability, so sign up soon! This tour will be tailored for this years’ topics: Shemot (Egypt), Yonah (Assyria) and Esther (Persia). For those interested in participating in this unique experience, please be in touch with Nachliel directly at his email or text him at 929-233-0950. A brochure is attached. This is an experience you don’t want to miss! See ad here: ChidonHaTanachTouratMET

I’ve attached a simplified schedule as well. The attached schedule is not comprehensive. Please note that the timing for the concluding ceremony is approximate given the fact that the length of the final competition always varies. Please be sure to read all of the information above as well. Please continue to be in contact with your respective coaches regarding Chidon questions unless they are of an immediate concern. For sample tests or  more information about the Chidon , please see our website

In the meantime, enjoy this video from last year’s National Final’s:

See you soon!


For Brief Schedule of Day: GeneralNationalFinalsSchedueChidon2019