New Year of Chidon – Important Information!

November 21, 2018

The following email was recently sent out. If you did not receive it, please make sure to read below!

Chidon Teachers, Coaches, Proctors and Parents

Attached to this message please find the following important information.

  • New Registration Form for the US Chidon 2019
  • Cover Letter for US Chidon 2019
  • Important Information About Upcoming Regional Exam
  • Note from the Coordinator


New Registration Form for the US Chidon 2019

Every school/club/private registrant should register on the new registration link here in order to receive important Chidon communications going forward. The new link to register is:

Cover Letter for US Chidon 2019

Please see the following link:Cover Letter Chidon 2019

Important Information About Upcoming Regional Exam

The first exam for the Chidon Ha’Tanach will be this coming Wednesday, November 28.

The exam will be on chapters 1-24 of Shemot. I will send you electronic copies of the exams, an answer key, and accompanying instructions for the proctors late Monday with some additional information. As always, it will be your responsibility to:

  1. A) Print out physical copies of the exams
  2. B) Grade the exams
  3. C) Submit your students’ scores on the google form that I will send out.

If you are a private registrant and have not yet arranged a proctor, please do so soon and let me know who the proctor will be. If you are taking the English division cumulative exam in march, keep up the studying! If you need more time for this first exam, please be in touch with me directly as soon as possible.

Note from the Coordinator

Once again, please make sure that you have registered on our new registration form. Thank you in advance for all of the hard work that you do for your students and on behalf of the Chidon Ha’Tanach. I would also like to take this opportunity to note that after deciding to embark on my fourth year of running this special program I am committed to being in close contact with each of you going forward. As always, please be in touch with comments, suggestions, and questions. I look forward to collaborating with each of you on another incredible year of the Chidon Ha’tanach.

חזק ואמץ

Rabbi Dovi Nadel