Some more news about Upcoming National Finals!

Please note that Nachliel Selavan will now be offering two tours on Friday, one meeting at 10 and one at 12:30. If you would still like to sign up please be directly in contact with Nachiliel immediately at

Also, please see below for a schedule of morning programming for adults while contestants are taking their exams.

10:00-10:45: Rabbi Fohrman’s Class:  The Torah’s Eeriest Story: Moshe and Tziporah at the Inn.

11:00 – 11:45: Rabbi Shulmans’ Class: The Biblical Roots of Midrashic ‘Stories.’                                  

12:00 -12:30: Nachliel Selavan will conduct a Paleo-Hebrew workshop.

Koren Publishers will also have a stand set up and will be selling books.

For more specific details surrounding the finals, please see the post below.


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