Congratulations to Our National Finalists and to our National Champions!

Yesterday’s Chidon Ha’Tanach at Manhattan Day School brought together over 175 of our National Finalists from around the country, our largest National Finals in years. This year featured the addition of an exciting Chidon Carnival. Pesukim and positive energy filled the room. Below is a posting of our top rankers from yesterday’s Chidon. Stay tuned for pictures,posting of next year’s syllabus, and articles about this week’s event! Be in touch with me at for more info about this year’s Chidon and to get involved for next year. Congrats again to all of our National Finalists!

Hebrew 6-7

  1. Yehuda Zinberg – Yavneh
  2. Yechiel Shulman–  Private Registrant
  3. Ariella Fohrman–  Yeshivat Netivot

Hebrew 8

  1. Noah Hill – Denver Academy of Torah (Will go on to compete in Israel next year).
  2. *Three Way Tie:  Nossi Shields– Berman Hebrew Academy,  Breindy Berger – Torah Academy of Girls,  Jacob Colchamiro – Joseph Kushner Hebrew Academy

Hebrew High School

  1. Esther Werblowsky – Reenas Beis Yaakov (Will go on to compete in Israel next year).
  2. Shira Orlian – Beis Yaakov of Spring Valley (Will go on to compete in Israel next year).
  3. Ephraim Helfgot – TABC

English 6-7

  1. David Levine– Orchard Middle School
  2. Ahron Frankel– Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community School
  3. Eden Richman– Donna Klein Jewish Academy

English 8-11

  1. Ryan Joseph-Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community School (Will go on to compete in Israel next year).
  2. Sarah Louis -Donna Klein Jewish Academy
  3. Talya Tapper – Independent School of Minneapolis

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