You can still register for Chidon 2016-2107!

September 6, 2016

Current and Future Chidon Teachers, Coaches, and Participants,

It’s not too late! Registration for the US Chidon Ha’Tanach is still live! Please make sure that your school completes the following link in order to ensure that you receive important Chidon communications. The form can be accessed here. If you sign up after September 6, 2016, please send me an email at to to ensure that you’re  signed up for all important Chidon communications.

Please see the “syllabus”  and “schedule” tabs above for more important information regarding the Chidon Ha’Tanach next year.

Thank you as always for your  continued efforts on behalf of  yours students and on behalf of the Chidon Ha’Tanach.

Looking forward to partnering with you next year,

חזק ואמץ,

Dovi Nadel

Coordinator, National Bible Contest