150 National Finalists! Announcing our Winners!

Thank you to the 150 National Finalists who participated in this Sundays event. You could feel the energy in the room as 150 National Finalists from around the country came together for one day to display their mastery of over seventy chapters of the Tanach.  Each contestant received a beautiful certificate, a commemorative Tanach, and even had the chance to share some of their favorite pesukim with us on the wall. Over 350 people attended our closing ceremony! For those who were at the event and want to relive it and for those who missed out, we have some stunning pictures taken by our professional photographer David Khabinsky that can be found here.

This years winners were:


English Division

FIRST PLACE: Caleb Gitlitz from Beth Tfiloh

SECOND PLACE: Ryan Joseph from Beth Tfiloh

THIRD PLACE: Elianna Sokoler from Temple Aliya


Hebrew Middle School Division

FIRST PLACE: Uriel Simpson from Yeshivat Noam

SECOND PLACE: Tied for Second were Noah Hill from Denver Academy of Torah and Nathan Shapiro from Hillel Torah

THIRD PLACE: Shaya Berkowitz from Maimonides Academy


Hebrew High School Division

FIRST PLACE: Shlomi Helfgot from TABC

SECOND PLACE: Nechama Reichman from Manhattan High School

THIRD PLACE: Shira Orlian from Beis Yaakov of Spring Valley

FOURTH PLACE:Esther Werblowski from Reenas Beis Yaakov


Good luck to to Shlomi, Nechama, Uriel, and Caleb who will be our representatives in the international Chidon in Israel next year! Congratulations again to all of our National Finalists! See you next year. Time to start studying! Next year’s syllabus is up!


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