Noah Notis Places 5th, National Finalists Arrive in New York!

 The following is a link to yesterday’s Chidon Competition that took place on Yom Ha’Atzmaut: This is a link to the final round: We would like to congratulate our contestant, Noah Notis, on placing 5th in the world!  Also, the following is a link to a short “chidon” in hebrew  that came out on YNET yesterday:,7340,L-4802098,00.html.
We also  look forward greeting our National Finalists from around the county on Sunday. As a reminder, please refer to a previous email as well one of the posts below for important information regarding this Sunday’s competition.
Parents, the following is a reminder that at 10:00 AM (while contestants begin the first exam), Rabbi Helfgot will be giving a shiur in the auditorium entitled:”Isaiah: Vision of Redemption: Today and Tomorrow.
To everyone coming from far and from near, we look forward to greeting you at the National Chidon this coming Sunday. We are proud to call you America’s National Finalists.
Shabbat Shalom and see you at 9:00 AM on Sunday!
Dovi Nadel
Coordinator of National Bible Contest

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