First Regional Test

The first regional test has been sent out. If you have not received the test, please be in touch with me immediately at
Some Directions for the Regional Test
Please allow no more than 45 minutes for the test.
A reminder that the questions are not to be read to them and nothing can be translated other than hebrew words in the question that are not part of a direct quotation from Tanakh.
Unless you have emailed me directly please ensure that the tests are administered and the grades reported to me by Wednesday, December 9th.
Please report scores as a composite score out of 25.
The test has been checked by more than one set of eyes and I hope that there are no mistakes/errors. If, however, you notice anything that does appear to be a mistake please do not hesitate to notify me immediately. I would also love to hear yours and your students thoughts/comments/and feedback about this test.
Best of luck to all the “Chidoners” out there on the first regional test!

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