Online Tutoring Now Available

June 25, 2014

Do you or your child live somewhere where there is no local Chidon program? Do you think that your child would benefit from additional studying for the Chidon even if his/her school has a Chidon program? Starting with this year’s Chidon, we are pleased to announce that two veteran Chidon teachers are available for Chidon tutoring jobs online.

For full information, visit our new Online Tutoring tab.

Students Reflect on the 2014 Chidon

June 9, 2014

Two winners from the 2014 National Finalists have shared their reflections on this year’s Chidon.

  • Benjamin Kepecs shares his path to becoming the Hebrew High School national champion a blog post for G-dcast,
  • Amira Felsenthal reflects on the Chidon experience at YULA for Girls, whose team won the School Video Contest.  Her piece originally appeared in the LA Jewish Home.