Finals Weekend is Here!

Here is some information for those of you who are attending the finals on Sunday:
• You should aim to arrive between 9 and 9:30 AM. As soon as you arrive, you should go over to the registration tables and sign in, so that we can know who has shown up.
• Parking can be difficult in Manhattan. If you have a choice, I recommend using public transportation, with the 1 train being the closest subway line to MDS. There are several lots where you can pay to park near MDS, with High Rise Parking (210 West 71st Street) being the most affordable option that I know of.
• If anyone would like to daven Shacharit near the Chidon, the West Side Institutional Synagogue (120 W. 76th St., New York, NY 10023) has an 8:30 AM minyan and is a 5-10-minute walk from MDS.
• At 9:30, we will begin the opening assembly, in which we will show a brief video presentation about the International Bible Contest that our Chidon’s winners attend in Israel. Following that assembly, you will be sent to the exam rooms, where the written contest will take place from roughly 10 AM to 12:30 PM. There will be 2 parts to the exam, with a short break in between them. Only actual contestants are allowed in the classroom area where the exams take place.
• Please be sure to bring a #2 pencil, because the exam will require you to fill out a scantron form. In addition to bringing pencils, students are allowed to bring snacks with them into the testing area.
• While students are taking the written exams, there is no formal program for parents and family members. However, there are many interesting museums and attractions within walking distance of MDS, such at the Museum of Natural History and Central Park.
• After the exams, contestants can pick up a free pizza lunch by presenting the attached sheet. The pizza will be located on the side of the same large auditorium in which the opening assembly took place
• Unfortunately, we cannot provide free lunch for family members, or other non-contestants. However, there are several kosher eateries in that neighborhood. For recently-opened kosher eateries in the neighborhood, see For a more comprehensive list of Manhattan kosher restaurants with reliable kashrut supervision, see
• The closing assembly will begin in the auditorium around 1:15 PM. We will hear from a past Chidon champion, and we will conduct the final video round of the Chidon for the high scorers from the morning’s written tests. Chidon finalists who are not called up to the front for this final round will be able to text their answers to the video questions for a chance to win prizes. So be sure to bring a cellphone if you’d like to participate in that. This year’s closing assembly will also include the school video contest, where the audience will vote by text message for the winning video. At the end of the closing assembly (around 2:45 PM), we will present the winners with their prizes and conclude by singing HaTikvah.


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