Congratulations to our Regional Champions and our National Finalists!

March 22, 2016

Congratulations to all those who have qualified for Chidon Nationals! If you’ve qualified and have not received a registration email, please be in contact with your teacher/coach or directly with me. See you at Manhattan Day School on May 15th! Good luck with your studies. Our Regional Champions are listed in the attached document. 2016 Regional Champions


Final Exams! Good Luck!

March 2, 2016

Best of luck to all students around the county taking the third and final regional exam today.  Also, best of luck to students who will be taking the English exam this Sunday. Stay tuned for information about Regional Champions and Qualifications for Nationals  in the coming weeks!



Hebrew Regional Test 2

February 2, 2016

The Second Hebrew Regional for both High School and Middle School students has been sent out! The test will be on all of Shemuel Bet. Good luck to all Chidoners! Nationals are inching closer…

Mark Your Calendars!

December 24, 2015

This year’s national Chidon Ha’Tanakh competition will be held at Manhattan Day School on May 15, 2016.Thanks to all of those who provided me with extremely valuable feedback about the previous regional test and for those who contacted me about their date preferences for the national competition. 

Otherwise, here’s an additional reminder that our next Hebrew Regional Test will be on February 3rd covering the entirety of Shemuel Bet.

Also, stay tuned for an exciting addition to the Chidon. I hope to post installments of 1-2 Chidon questions every week starting the new calendar year.

Please continue to be in contact with me at


First Regional Test

December 1, 2015
The first regional test has been sent out. If you have not received the test, please be in touch with me immediately at
Some Directions for the Regional Test
Please allow no more than 45 minutes for the test.
A reminder that the questions are not to be read to them and nothing can be translated other than hebrew words in the question that are not part of a direct quotation from Tanakh.
Unless you have emailed me directly please ensure that the tests are administered and the grades reported to me by Wednesday, December 9th.
Please report scores as a composite score out of 25.
The test has been checked by more than one set of eyes and I hope that there are no mistakes/errors. If, however, you notice anything that does appear to be a mistake please do not hesitate to notify me immediately. I would also love to hear yours and your students thoughts/comments/and feedback about this test.
Best of luck to all the “Chidoners” out there on the first regional test!

Updates, First Regional Test, Important Info

November 30, 2015

The following was sent out as a mass email this morning. If you did not receive this email and you are a teacher/coach for a chidon group please be in contact with me at to ensure that you stay to up to date on all Chidon activities…

Thank you for participating in what is sure to be another excellent year of the Chidon Ha’Tanach.We hope yours and your student’s preparations for this year’s first regional test have been going well. We have a record number of schools registered for the Chidon this year, and we’re excited to get the year started with our first regional test.

The following are some important bits of info for this coming week.

First Regional Test

The first regional test is scheduled to be administered on Wednesday, December 3rd.The first test will be sent out to all teachers this coming Tuesday morning.Ideally, all schools should administer the test this coming Wednesday and report their grades by the weekend. However, if a school has specific time constraints, the test can be administered at a later time. Please ensure that the grades to the test are handed in, at latest, by Wednesday December 9th.

Please be in touch with me directly if this poses a serious issue.


Helpful Material for Test Preparation

The format and content of the test will be similar to the Regional tests from previous years.For a sample test from previous years on this year’s material see here.Check out our website here, especially under the “Old Exams” tab, for some helpful material for this year’s Chidon. For those who would like some more directed last minute preparation for the test, Dvir Dimri (who can be contacted at has offered to run a free video conference on Tuesday Night at 7:30 PM (Easter Time Zone). The information regarding this video conference as well as a sample test created by Dvir are appended to this email.

Registration Confirmation

If you have received this email, you can assume that your school/club/independent study has been officially registered.


We’re in the midst of booking a location for this year’s national competition. At the moment, there are two potential dates for the weekend, the weekend of May 7th or the weekend of May 14th. Please respond as soon as possible if either of these dates presents a serious problem for your school. We will try to accommodate as many schools as possible.

Some Last Tidbits of Information

I look forward to being in close contact with each of you over the course of this and many coming fruitful years of Chidon studies (for a bit about myself see here).Please don’t hesitate to be in contact with questions, concerns, and general suggestions/advice. Rabbi Frazer passed over much of the Chidon “mesorah,” but I really look toward you, the teachers, to partner with me in continuing to make the Chidon the enriching and inspiring educational program it has always been and will continue to be. As we all know, the secret to the Chidon’s success are it’s passionate and committed teachers. Thank you for nurturing another generation of students committed to (and well versed in) our “Sefer Ha’Sefarim.”

Looking forward to working with each of you,

Dovi Nadel

Coordinator –US Chidon Ha’Tanach

Contact Info:




Login Info for Dvir Dimri’s conference call

Audience Log-in URL: (Invite More People)

Send this log-in URL to your attendees through e-mail or post it on your website

Dial-in Number:323-920-0091

Presenter PIN:629 4910#

Attendee PIN:877 6345#

Meeting ID:4259248

Introducing the New Chidon Coordinator

August 28, 2015

Effective August 31st, I am stepping down as coordinator of the US Chidon.  It has been a wonderful experience over the past 7 years to see our best and brightest youth study Tanach with such passion.  I am excited to inform you that the Jewish Agency has found an excellent new coordinator, Dovi Nadel.  Dovi is a former Chidon champion himself and is currently studying toward a Masters degree in Bible at Yeshiva University.  Dovi has assisted me at the Chidon finals for several years, so he understands the event’s inner workings.  I am confident that his love of Tanach in general and the Chidon in particular will leave the US Chidon in good hands.


Ezra Frazer


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